CIFF SHOES is part of CIFF SHOWROOMS, nearly 20,000 square meters of luxury showroom space housing more than 500 brands on a permanent basis located in the Bella Center.

CIFF SHOES is organized into three distinct areas, each with its own distinct identity.

– “Via della Spiga” offers boutique-style showrooms featuring international brands;

– “Meatpacking District” features flexible showroom space designed for brands requiring a custom-made individual identity and interior design.

– “Market Area” offers a pre-designed open-space format including secure storage facilities.

CIFF SHOWROOMS and CIFF SHOES offer a wide variety of social and networking events throughout the year. Please consult the program for upcoming events.

Order Days SS21

2 – 14 August 2020, 8 am – 9 pm

Elevated Order Days by CIFF

9 – 12 August 2020
Sun-Tue: 9am-6pm
Wed: 9am-4pm


Fall/Winter 21-22
3-5 February 2021