SUSTAIN – Your new sustainability toolbox

At this season special trade edition, Elevated Order Days by CIFF, we introduced our new sustainability platform, SUSTAIN, with the vision to strengthen and inspire to change the habits within the fashion industry.

Besides putting a spotlight on circularity and new sustainable innovative materials to use in the production of textiles and clothing, we provided a strong dedicated team of experts, who through 1:1 meetings guided our visitors on the journey towards a green transition. We also introduced a retail test showing the demands of future sales channels, with the purpose of enlightening you on leading retailers’ minimum requirements on environmental and social performance – helping you to be more compliant in the future.

The launch of our new platform was the start of our commitment on sustainability. The growing demand from both consumers, civil society and government, makes sustainability mission-critical for companies within fashion and apparel. The sharpened focus on sustainability might be the most important thing that has happened in the fashion industry since e-commerce and an inevitable path for us to go. SUSTAIN is CIFF’s answer to the massive transformation we all need to go through over the next couple of years. For that reason, we will continue to develop tools and knowledge sharing as a part of SUSTAIN, and we invite everyone to join us on this exciting journey full of business opportunities for the coming FW21-22 edition.

If you didn’t get the chance to visit or see our new sustainable initiatives launched at Elevated Order Days by CIFF, you can now take the retail test, read our glossary and find the six steps to recover after COVID-19 at