Q&A with MilK Magazine

They say that through a crisis you realize the importance of a family and your loved ones. We can only agree, which is why we reached out to one of our close partners and CIFF Kids family members, MilK Magazine. Let’s take a look behind the scene when Héléne Lahalle, editor-in-chief at MilK Magazine, talks about how they are facing the current situation and how they see trends and actions going forward.


Please shortly describe the story behind MilK Magazine?
MilK Magazine was created nearly 15 years ago by the couple: Isis-Colombe Combréas, Editor and Karel Balas, Art Director and Photographer, providing a forum for contemporary, aesthetic and creative parents. The MilK community has grown steadily over the years, and since then MilK has developed licenses in Japan, Korea and China, as well as created MilK Décoration, dedicated to inspiring souls, designers and creative people.


What are your favorite trends for SS21?
It’s hard to say without having attended any trade shows… However, for winter 2020, I love the trends “Bread Shades”, containing different warm hues from white bread to whole grain bread, and “Cool in Khaki” which shows this organic monochrome hue in a range from bronze to linden through olive green. Both featured in the newest issue of MilK Kids Collection.


How did COVID-19 influence your business and your plans for 2020?
Faced with the corona crisis, we have had to adapt and communicate differently, which made us realize that we can cope with unforeseen obstacles and bounce back. It has also been a pleasure to see that the children’s fashion industry has shown its solidarity.


Why are you normally attending CIFF Kids?
To meet the players in the children’s fashion market, discover new brands and find out who the inspiring people behind them are. But also to take the temperature of Copenhagen, its Scandinavian lifestyle and way of life which has always been an inspiration to us French people.


Is the physical meeting with brands important for you, if so, why?
Yes of course it is, as journalists, our profession is nourished by these encounters and the contacts and network we create through these meetings.


What do you think about, when you hear the word “sustainability”?
I think it’s unavoidable, indispensable and urgently needed. It’s about time for us to think and act upon it!… We can’t close our eyes anymore on how and where the items are produced.

Due to the current situation, MilK Magazine decided to produce this seasonal issue in a digital version, which we have the pleasure of sharing with you, our beloved kids community, free of charge.

Read the magazine here or download it here, enjoy the reading.