Unveiling CIFFs sustainable initiatives SUSTAINFASHION

SUSTAINFASHION is our way of learning more about sustainability in fashion and we invite you to be part of our journey! Follow us online and join us at Elevated Order Days by CIFF August 9 – 12, to get knowledge, insights and tools to start or accelerate your journey. We are preparing a complete set of initiatives and are revealing the first ones today.

CIFF has joined Business of Fashion’s initiative, #rewiringfashion. The initiative calls for longer seasons in stores and for the fashion week calendar to be reduced to two fashion weeks, ultimately combining men’s and women’s collections. We made this decision as CIFF is strengthening its focus on sustainability.

What is BCI-cotton? Who is SAC and why do they measure everything with HIGG? Sustainability is a complex universe which can be difficult to navigate through. Therefore, CIFF is launching a glossary which will offer complete definitions and draw the parallel between fashion and sustainability. It will be available online when Elevated Order Days by CIFF takes place.

CIFF has invited a handful of experts to join us during our special trade edition. As specialists in their fields, from sustainable materials to sales, they will be ready to provide visitors with concrete answers to the questions you may have. It will be possible to book meetings in advance for free, for those who are planning to visit Elevated Order Days by CIFF.

Stay tuned for more information soon!