FW20-21 Testimonials From Our Buyers, Press & Brands

With the FW20-21 edition of CIFF behind us, we are grateful and pleased to have received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from our buyers, press and brands. Read some of the testimonials below.


The fair as a whole I found to be quite thoughtfully presented and artfully curated. Tradeshows can very quickly become either overwhelmingly disparate or a sea of the same; CIFF felt more like a well organized collection of showrooms that were grouped by target customer base. The overall mix of brands – some new, some well known – was very refreshing, as well.
   – Justin Berkowtiz, Men’s Fashion Director


Overall a great experience as always.
Poppy Lomax, Womenswear Buying Manager


Thank you so much for inviting us. 
It was great to be in Copenhagen as always. We saw some partners and friends of us like Stand, FWSS, Blender team and had the chance to see interesting new brands. We will for sure continue to follow closely the CPH trends and actors.
   – Maud Pupato, Divisional Merchandise Manager

I had such a great experience and really enjoyed walking CIFF. I thought the schedule was perfect and I was able to meet with a few brands Saks will hopefully partner with for FW20-21. Overall really positive takeaways.
   – Christina Vilicich, Buyer Contemporary Collections


Thoroughly enjoyed it. I am always fond of Raven and refreshing to see a great curated mixture of menswear brand presented in the area. I haven’t been there for a few years and this time around Copenhagen as a whole city is totally behind sustainable movement, pushing this message throughout all the retails, restaurants etc… Maner presented at the Raven was great. I love to see more this approach – well curated and presented in the area as Scandinavian is miles ahead of us and so much we can learn from that.
– Tatsuo Hino, Director


The fair, after a couple of visits I’m still happy to see newness but also nothing stay the same which make it interesting.
   – Thibaud M. Etcheberry, Buyer of Footwear for Men’s and Women’s


Just wanted to send a special note to thank you so much for including us in this truly amazing experience. Team has lots of great takeaways. It was especially useful for me because I oversee so many areas.
   – Carolyn Wright, VP, Footwear, Accessories, Gift & Gourmet


The Lee installation was a charming way of getting closer to sustainability issues in the denim industry. A confirmation of the CIFF commitment to green issues and scouting new talent.
    – Tommaso Palazzi, Journalist


For us, CIFF always gives a really good overview of the contemporary segment, its up and coming trends and emerging designers. This edition especially was very inspiring in terms of sustainability, a topic that is becoming more and more important.
    – Anna Lenz, Journalist


The message of sustainability is getting louder and louder and CIFF continues to highlight solutions and steps which have been in their DNA since the beginning.
   – Adriano Baptista, Editor in Chief


CIFF was again a successful trade show in January. The layout and presentation of the individual segments is very appealing and, above all, well curated. As always, I particularly liked the Raven segment. The topic of sustainability was well taken up in the Special Project area and I found it very good to involve the visitor in the process of recycling and reuse. I also found the Sporting Area appealingly designed, and I’m curious to see what’s to come.
   – Juliette Tafreschi, Journalist



For FW20-21 we joined CIFF Raven during Copenhagen Fashion week and it was great exposure for our brand. The communication with the team was very easy and the space was beautifully set up. During the open days we got to meet new potential customers and we got to curate a space that told a clear story about our brand. We much appreciate all the efforts behind making it possible and would be happy to return next season.
   – Astrid Andersen, Designer


CIFF is continuously developing into one of the most interesting platforms for modern retail. The level of buyers is amazing, and the same goes for the various concepts and talents CIFF brings to the pool. For us, this January was one of our best times in Copenhagen, ever. Takk takk takk!
– Mats Alver, Partner


With FW20-21, the team behind CIFF listened to our feedback from previous seasons, and took great pride in making it an effective and successful show for INSURH. – Thank you for being so quick to action, and for listening to us.
   – Kasper J. Todbjerg, Co-founder


CIFF is one of the largest fashion fairs in Europe and we are very proud to be a part of it. CIFF plays a huge role for the Scandinavian fashion industry and all our customers love the fair in Copenhagen. CIFF has earned an outstanding reputation for being one of the most innovative sales platforms and we are happy for our collaboration with CIFF as well as being a part of it each year.
  – Waseem Ahmad, Sales Director & Partner