We love to explore and experience the wonderful minds of young and creative souls, and to share their passion and energy with our visitors.

For this reason, we are happy to announce that CIFF YOUTH for the FW20-21 edition has partnered up with a number of institutions and schools, in order to help introduce the next generation of the industry to get ahead.

New digital technologies are a part of the future fashion industry and is playing an important role in the process of making the fashion industry more sustainable.

Through education, research and co-creation with the industry, graduates from KEA, Copenhagen School of Design & Technology is being empowered to work experimental and innovative in the gap between tradition and innovation in the fashion industry.

This season KEA proudly presents BA graduates Sustainable Fashion Designer Jonas Theede & Maria Dyrløv’s Fashion Tech project, DISCONNECTED from the Future of Fashion Exhibition. The project is a collaboration between Kea, LD Cluster, Tobias Birk Nielsen and Lightricity.

This statement collection is designed to enhance communication between people. That is done by sewing LEDs into the clothing, that pulse according to the body’s heartbeat, and therefore provide a clear and very visual picture of the individual’s various physical states.

Come by CIFF YOUTH FW20-21 to experience the innovative collection in person and meet the designers, Jonas Theede and Maria Dyrlov at 1pm on January 30th where they will take part of the A.R.T. program talking about different ways of sustainability