CIFF YOUTH Presents: Pirouette x The Society of Scent

We’re happy to announce the second season of partnership between Pirouette and CIFF YOUTH!
Pirouette, will together with chief editor Katie Kendrick, be on the look-out for the winners between all the emerging, innovative and established brands presenting at CIFF YOUTH FW20-21.

The Pirouette One to Watch Awards celebrates and highlights the best of creative talent in kid’s fashion and design. 
Each season Pirouette collaborates with an inspirational designer producing a truly unique award to be presented to the winners of the One to Watch collection and the One to Watch label.

For this season’s One to Watch Awards  – the ‘power of scent’ forged a collaboration between Pirouette and The Society of Scent to develop Pirouette’s own fragrance designed to stimulate and focus the creative mind. The Award takes the form of an exquisitely printed porcelain cameo eyepiece infused with the Pirouette scent specifically created to aid the search for the ‘Ones to Watch’.

The Society of Scent looks at the world through scent and its powers. They organise projects like the South Bronx workshops through the aptly named S.O.S. platform taken from their own initials. They work as architects of mobility, an example being how they can develop better wellness for kids through a very specific diffusion scent designed to help a child get to sleep – similar to a smart home light or thermostat. It’s possible to do the same with scent… to create a meditative room with visuals and scent, or even a portable wellness emergency scent kit.

Discovery is at the heart of the award – discovering something special, something truly creative, always grounded but new and refreshing with strength for the future. This original fragrance reflects Pirouette’s ideology with fresh citrus grapefruit, deep warm earth-toned mandarin and murmuring undertones of natural honey signifying cross-pollination for future life.

Experience this exclusive & unique scent as well as the photography story created alongside it, at Pirouettes own dedicated area at CIFF YOUTH FW20-21. The photo story, which is shot on location in Copenhagen, is a collaboration between Natasscha Girelli of Hooligans Magazine, Katie Kendrick of Pirouette and photographer Anders Hald.

Acknowledgements and credits
Photostory shot on location in Copenhagen
Art Direction & styling
Natasscha Girelli @girellinatasscha
Katie Kendrick @katiestyle
Photographer Anders Hald @photohald
Hair & Makeup Trine Hoyer @trine_hoyer