Tomorrow’s Little Journal: TRANSITION

The bi-annual children’s magazine Tomorrow’s Little Journal is celebrating their second issue by creating a special project at CIFF YOUTH.

Showing the surroundings and inspirations of the children’s world in an artistic and digestible way is the aim of Tomorrow’s Little Journal. Building up a world of imaginations where all dreams can come true for every gender, age and family constellation.

The topic of the new issue and exhibition is TRANSITION – the modern way of life is changing. Telling stories about how to be open for changes in all areas of life, but also connect or re-connect with what has always been.

“We look to ground ourselves and find a more balanced and sustainable way of living. Based on the wonders of human nature and in respect for our earth, we interact and create in new ways. It’s the slow life, slow fashion. The exhibition will invite everyone to take a short break from the pulsating business mood that arises on a busy fair when buyers and designers collide in an ecstatic moment of “let’s conquer the world”. In our world, it’s time to stop and breathe. Learn from the calmness of children; surround ourselves with nature, either in real life or with elements that reminds us of where we came from. Yet all with a fashionable twist.” Anne Marie Mondrup, Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Tomorrow’s Little Journal 

They are combining their Scandinavian ancestry with a focus on fashion, culture and everyday life for children and families within unique stories in Tomorrow’s Little Journal and bringing their love for the artistic and aesthetical to CIFF YOUTH.

The exhibition reveals selected images from the coming issue two of Tomorrow’s Little Journal, by Italian kids’ photographer Rocco Bizzarri, Danish kids’ photographer Kristina Demant and international fashion icon and Danish photographer Helena Christensen to name a few.

Visit the Tomorrow’s Little Journal’s exhibition and trend area at CIFF YOUTH SS20.