Pirouette One to Watch Awards at CIFF YOUTH SS20

We’re really pleased to introduce you to our new partner, Pirouette, with whom we are celebrating our first collaboration regarding the “One to Watch Awards” – highlighting creativity and supporting new, upcoming and established talents at CIFF YOUTH SS20.

The Pirouette blog was launched in 2009 and has since its beginning combined the view of business and customer of the children’s fashion market.

Serving as a platform to support young and creative brands from the fashion & design sector, Pirouette, together with chief editor Katie Kendrick, build a special award, called “One to Watch Awards”, on the look-out for emerging, innovative and established talents within the industry, helping them gain exposure and business guidance.

At CIFF YOUTH, we believe that the best business has a soul and that through supporting talents and creative souls, we help our community grow.  Therefore, we are extremely happy and proud to be a part of the Pirouette One to Watch Awards this coming season.

All exhibitors at CIFF YOUTH SS20 will have the chance of winning one of the two titles, which encompasses the award. The “One to watch label” will be given to a young fashion label and the “One to watch Collection” is awarded to an established label within fashion, design, accessories and/or toys.

The award itself, is called “CHARMY”, designed by Lapin & Me, and is inspired by the Japanese CHARMY CHAN doll which is known for its young, colorful and sweet appearance, combined with a slight touch of retro and uniqueness – a perfect match for our imagination for the new supported talents!

Pirouette’s Katie Kendrick will be giving out the award during CIFF YOUTH SS20, on the 7th of August 2019, where the winner is going to be part of a presentation to promote and highlight the brand’s work.

Come join us at the Pirouette One to Watch Award show and find out who the winners of the award will be. We surely can’t wait!

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