The Children’s Brain Cancer Foundation was founded by a mother who lost her eldest daughter to an incurable brain tumor when she was just three years old. Last year CIFF YOUTH entered into an active partnership with the Children’s Brain Cancer Foundation, helping to raise money and awareness for the foundation and we are proud to announce that we will continue the partnership this season!

“We greatly appreciate the support from CIFF YOUTH. It is a wonderful opportunity to raise awareness about this disease, and raise funds for research.”
– Anette, Founder of the Children’s Brain Cancer Foundation

“We are so proud to be partner with The Children’s Brain Cancer Foundation and try to help them together with our community. We think we all can do something first to raise awareness about this disease and continuously help to collect funds for research”
– Kristian W. Andersen, NorthModern Chief Innovation Officer

The Children’s Brain Cancer Foundation is a charity organization providing funding for research within pediatric brain tumors into better and more effective treatment options.

‘In 2013, our beloved daughter, Emili, became ill and was diagnosed with an incurable brain tumor. She was given months to live. We lost her just six months later. People were asked to give a donation at the funeral, and this became the start of The Children’s Brain Cancer Foundation. The hope is to find curable treatment for all children affected by a brain tumor.’ Founder Anette Overby.

Every year, almost 200 children in Denmark are affected by cancer. Brain tumors defines the second largest group of cancer in children with almost 50 cases per year. Brain tumors are the greatest cause of death among children with cancer. Furthermore, brain tumor survivors have the highest risk of developing severe long-term disabilities from the disease and treatment. The Children’s Brain Cancer Foundation provide funding for research into better and more effective treatment options.

The extensive research within children’s leukemia has resulted in a survival rate of more than 90 percent for children with the most common type of leukemia. Almost no one survived 50 years ago. The survival rate for children with certain types of brain cancer has not been improved in the last decades. The aim is to achieve the same positive development in survival rates for these children.

’I want to make a difference through raising awareness and providing funding for research. It is my aim to make paediatric cancer research a political priority in Denmark. Thereby contributing to change the outlook for all children affected by a brain tumor in the future. I believe it is possible through an international collaborative effort. I hope you will join me.’ Founder Anette Overby elaborates.

In collaboration with other organizations The Children’s Brain Cancer Foundation supports the development of the new brain tumor consortium for children at Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen and collects funds to secure a research effort, which has shown to be efficient in finding curable treatments for children with other types of cancer. Their largest funding projects to date are Cycling Challenge, organized in collaboration with Danish ex-pro rider Rolf Sørensen, and Yoga for a Cure – a national annual event in Denmark.

Do you want to support The Children’s Brain Cancer Foundation?

Sign up for a membership HERE or donate via either: Mobile Pay to 42357 (only available in Denmark) or bank transfer to Nordea Bank: IBAN: DK4820000726769311, Swift: NDEADKKK



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For questions about the partnership or marketing related inquiries, please contact
Denice Gravlund ǀ Marketing CIFF YOUTH
+ 45 81 88 48 50 ǀ

For questions regarding donations, please contact
Anette Overby ǀ Founder
+45 20 93 98 97 ǀ