The Northwind Trilogy


In the end of November, Kristian W. Andersen, Code Art Fair and CIFF Director announced that the first edition of The Northwind Trilogy curated by Neville Wakefield would unveil B.A.S.E.C., the first part in a new experimental work by Bahamian-born artist Tavares Strachan. The collaboration was presented for the first time on December 4, 2018 in Miami, the second part will be unveiled at Men’s Fashion Week in Paris, and the third part of the trilogy will conclude in Copenhagen during CIFF in January 2019.

“Tavares’s new project B.A.S.E.C. aligns perfectly with our vision and commitment to art, fashion and the future of our city,” said Code Art Fair and CIFF Director Kristian W. Andersen.

The term B.A.S.E.C. stands for Bahamas Air and Sea Exploration Center. B.A.S.E.C.’s stated ambitions and official government and corporate logo, a blue globe with an archipelago of black stars on a yellow and gold background, serves as the Bahamas version of NASA, Strachan proposing in his own words to “get the Bahamas involved in the global exploration conversation.”

“In December of 2016, my mother and I had a conversation about making, and how much this process can provide enrichment and a livelihood to young people,” said Strachan. “During this time I was working on the story of B.A.S.E.C. and designing and making the jackets became part of the research and prototyping. We now have a line of B.A.S.E.C. Bomber jackets that are 100% made in the Bahamas by my mother, Ella Strachan. A part of our master plan has to do with inspiring young women to make it on their own through these skills and projects”. The resulting B.A.S.E.C. Bomber collection consists of six jackets, each with its unique set of patches based on past conducted missions.

Proceeds from the jackets will go into the development of teaching programs for women led by the artist’s mother Ella Strachan.


Strachan was born in 1979 in Nassau, Bahamas, and currently lives and works between New York City and Nassau, Bahamas. He received a BFA in Glass from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2003 and an MFA in Sculpture from Yale University in 2006. Strachan’s multi-media installations investigate science, technology, mythology, history, and exploration, and have included collaborations with numerous organizations and institutions across the disciplines.

In addition, Strachan’s exhibition Invisibles is now on view at Regen Projects in Los Angeles, California through December 22, 2018. Concurrently, he is working on a project in collaboration with the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) and SpaceX as the result of a 2014 LACMA Art+Technology Lab artist grant. Strachan’s neon work is also currently on the facades of two important museums in Beaux Arts structures; The Baltimore Museum of Art and The Carnegie Museum of Art. The Carnegie project led Strachan to be this year’s recipient of the prestigious Frontier Prize.

Strachan’s work has been shown in numerous solo exhibitions You Belong Here, Prospect.3 Biennial, New Orleans; The Immeasurable Daydream, Biennale de Lyon, Lyon, Seen/Unseen, Undisclosed Exhibition, New York; Orthostatic Tolerance: It Might Not Be Such a Bad Idea if I Never Went Home Again, MIT List Visual Arts Center, Cambridge; Orthostatic Tolerance: Launching into an Infinite Distance, Grand Arts, Kansas City; and You Can Do Whatever You Like (Orthostatic Tolerance Project), Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia; and The Difference Between What We Have and What We Want at Albury Sayle Primary School, Nassau, The Bahamas (2006). In 2013, Strachan represented the Bahamas in the nation’s inaugural pavilion at the 55th International Venice Biennale with Polar Eclipse. He participated in the inaugural edition of Desert X in 2017 with a site-specific installation titled I AM.


Neville Wakefield records, documents and shapes the culture he lives in. As a creative director, writer, curator and commentator on contemporary art and culture, he combines objects, images, action and thought into provocative syntheses. Wakefield is Artistic Director of Desert X, a biennial, site-specific art exhibition in the California desert. He has also served as the senior curatorial advisor for MoMA PS1 and curator of Frieze Projects. He served as creative director for Tar Magazine and for Playboy’s special projects / A-Z Edition and the March 2016 re-launch. Commercially, he was the global curator for Nike’s Flyknit Line, the designer of limited-edition luggage for Rimowa and has commissioned skateboard decks for Supreme. Recent curatorial projects include Somos Libres in collaboration with Mario Testino with iterations in Italy and Peru as well as founding Elevation 1049, a site-specific biennial in Gstaad, Switzerland. Concurrent projects include the re-launch of the iconic Los Angeles-based Rudi Gernreich label this year. Code Art Fair and CIFF honored Wakefield at the 2017 edition of Northwind in Los Angeles in recognition of his visionary work as a writer and curator navigating seamlessly and without traditional barriers between the disciplines of art, fashion and design.