Q&A with Serendipity Organics

The Danish company Serendipity celebrates their 15 years of anniversary with a tribute to the mother with this Autumn Winter 2018-collection. “Motherhood is the most wonderful, challenging and ambivalent thing in life” says one out of five clever and honest women who take part in the campaign Celebrating Motherhood with each their story of the life changing, difficult and a totally wonderful motherhood. It is also about the unlimited love that can make us forget ourselves, to find the courage and strength that we didn’t knew we had – and about looking at life from a whole new perspective.


Read this Q&A with Anne Sofie Tobiasen, Founder of Serendipity Organics, where she talks about motherhood, sustainability and what we can expect from the SS19 collection.

Why do you mark your 15 years of anniversary with a celebration of motherhood?
Because that is when everything starts! When a child is born, it is not only the beginning of new human life but also the beginning of the mother’s new existence. I believe that majority of women recognizes the feeling of nothing ever being the same again when she stands with her newborn baby in her arms. When we design for children and their mothers, we desire to give them the very best that we know they should be able to use every day. Therefore, it was essential to mark our anniversary by giving some of the most beautiful, cool, wise and honest mothers – that we admire the most – the opportunity to speak.

What is special about designing for both mothers and their children?
Everyday life, demands and challenges are always in our considerations when we design for both mothers and children. Kids must be able to play, move and develop in our clothing. Nothing can to be too tight or limiting. The same goes for the mother, who should be able to take her bike to work, go down on her knees in the sandbox in the kindergarten and play with bricks on the floor at home – while she still feel beautiful and comfortable of course.

What role does the sustainability play in this context?
Our universe is feminine and soft, both literal and figurative. Because we design for mothers and their children, we develop the softest textiles you can imagine but we  also have care in our DNA as a company. We work exclusively with organic textiles and constantly consume a sustainable approach to our product and business. For us, it is simply about taking care of the earth we pass on to the next generation but also about avoiding contaminating the everyday life in the individual family with chemistry here and now. This applies for both the small children who are extra vulnerable but also the mother and the pregnant woman who benefits from that the clothes she wear is as clean as possible. Many  of us choose organic produce when it comes to our food and cosmetics, but the skin is the body’s largest organ and there are often chemical residues in conventional fabrics. You avoid them when you choose organic textiles in your wardrobe.

What is the most important experience you have learned in your motherhood?
My daughter is now 22 years old and I love her just as much as I did when she was a little girl. The relationship to your children will change but the love is constantly. Same as for the concerns and it has surprised me because they will never end. When she was 15 years old, she went to high school in USA for a year and during the first couple of weeks after she left, I lost weight and it felt terribly empty without her. My husband and I gradually got used to it and when she came home she had become a young woman. It was amazing to see. So even though it can be difficult to let go in the beginning, it passes over time. Suddenly she grew up and it made sense in a whole new way.

What can visitors expect to see at the Serendipity booth at CIFF KIDS this season?
For the Spring/Summer SS19 season, think Happy summer days, bright coast lines and golden sun on freckled noses. The color palette is saturated with earthy pink tones, dusty sage greens, soft watery blues and a warm yellow.

To get the full interviews and photos, either in a booklet version or online, please go to stand 035, or send an email to info@serendipity.dk