Childrens Brain Cancer Foundation x CIFF Kids

A mother who lost her eldest daughter to an incurable brain tumour at the age of just three years founded the Children?s Brain Cancer Foundation. CIFF KIDS has entered into an active partnership starting from this edition of the show and will help to raise money for the foundation.


“We greatly appreciate the support from CIFF KIDS. It is a wonderful opportunity to raise awareness about this disease, and raise funds for research.”
– Anette, Founder of the Children’s Brain Cancer Foundation


“We are so proud to be partner with The Children’s Brain Cancer Foundation and try to help them with our CIFF community. We think we all can do something first to raise awareness about this disease and continuously help to collect funds for research”
– Kristian W. Andersen, CIFF Fashion & Design Director

Established in 2013, the foundation supports research in paediatric brain tumours in the pursuit of improving the prognosis for all children affected by a brain tumour, and eventually finding a cure for all paediatric brain tumours.

Every year, about 200 children in Denmark are diagnosed with cancer. Cancer is the leading disease-related cause of death in children over one year. The Children’s Brain Cancer Foundation works for the establishment of a research and treatment centre for children diagnosed with a brain tumour, as part of the new children’s hospital in Copenhagen opening in 2024.

For all donations over 5000 kr. (600 euros), you will participate in a raffle. BC Hospitality Group has kindly offered prices including nights at their award winning four-star hotel AC Bella Sky.

Do you want to support The Children’s Brain Cancer Foundation?
In Denmark, transfer via Mobilepay to 20939897

For questions about the partnership or marketing related inquiries, please contact
Josefin Føns Gjørup ǀ Marketing Coordinator
+ 45 81 88 48 50 ǀ angj@bchg.dk

For questions regarding donations, please contact
Anette Overby ǀ Founder
+45 20 93 98 97 ǀ info@boernehjernecancer.dk